Single – entry is the basic fee from the listed services of SC YMCA. It is possible to pay in cash, credit/debit card or by benefit vouchers.

Basic lesson is 55 minutes.

For group lessons, the client is entitled to enter SC YMCA 20 minutes prior to the start of the lesson (change, warmup, etc.). After the lesson, the client is entitled for another 20 minutes (shower, change, etc.). After this time the client is charged for extra time spent within SC YMCA, based on the current SC YMCA pricelist.

A minimal refundable deposit of 200 CZK will be held upon entering SC YMCA. The deposit can also be put down by presenting a valid Membership Card with a minimal amount of 200 CZK credit.

Types of SC YMCA membership cards

Membership Card SC YMCA

Deposit (credit) card. Minimal initial amount of credit is 1.000 CZK(for students and seniors 500 CZK). All next deposits on this card must be at least 500 CZK. The card is issued free of charge.

Any recharges onto the clients card can be made either in cash, or benefit vouchers. Cash and voucher payment methods cannot be combined. Every change of payment method (from cash to vouchers and vice versa) will be charged with a 50 CZK fee.

Membership Card is active for 1 year since the last recharge. Credit is valid for 2 years since the last recharge. Within this period, it is possible to reactivate an inactive card with a remaining valid credit for a fee of 50 CZK, or by a recharge of the minimum amount of 500 CZK.

Issue of a new, duplicate card (theft/loss) will be charged with a 50 CZK fee.

With credit charged to your membership card, you can pay for all sport activities (sauna and sun bed included) provided in SC YMCA. The credit you charged cannot be payed retroactively to you in cash. Prices for all our activities are followed by current pricelist.

SCYMCA card is not bound to the owner, so more people can use it.

Student/Senior membership card is bound to the owner (we will take a picture of you at reception and store it in our database). Also students and seniors cannot use benefit vouchers for charging their membership cards, it can only be done by cash or debit/credit card.
And ultimately every student has to legitimize his/herself with a student card, and every senior has to prove that is 60 y.o. or older.

Timebased membership SC YMCA

1) Quarterly for 2900, - CZK. (gym, pool included)
2) monthly for 1020, - CZK(gym, pool included)
3) Weekly for 370, - CZK(gym, pool included)

4) special monthly membership SC YMCA (group lessons ). Price is 1020,- CZK monthly.

Timebase membership is valid from the date you pay for it.
For issuing a new card (duplicate) when the loss is charged CZK 50.
Client who bought SC YMCA timebase membership can visit SC YMCA anytime according to the opening hours and schedules. No additional fees are charged. After the expiration of timebase membership. It is up to the client whether he will want to subscribe to new one or not.

SC YMCA timebased membership card is not transferable, it´s owner bounded.

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Opening hours

Monday6:30 - 22:00
Tuesday6:30 - 22:00
Wednesday6:30 - 22:00
Thursday6:30 - 22:00
Friday6:30 - 21:00
Saturday9:00 - 17:00
Sunday13:00 - 21:00


Sportovní Centrum Ymca
Na Poříčí 12
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tel.: 224 875 811