1)Do I pay money from my membership card when I book a lesson?

No, you will pay your lesson when you come to lesson you booked

2) Full price is viewed when booking?

Our booking system is viewing full price of all lessons. But no worry when you come, you ´ll pay the price discounted according to your membership card.

3) What´s my login and password into booking system

It´s your surname and last four digits on your client card without the star

4) Can I book a lesson on my Multisport card?

It´s not necessary, but if you would like to book a lesson onto multisport card, you have to pay nonreturnable deposit 200,- CZK and we generate for you specific number code with which you can make an online booking. For more information ask our recepcionists or send an email to info@scymca.cz

5) Can I make multiple entries onto different activities during one day on Multisport card?

With Multisport card you have one entry per day, on activity you chose

6) It´s possible make a booking on info@scymca.cz?

You can´t do a booking via info@scymca.cz, but we´ll be happy to answer your other questions.

If you are uncertain about booking please check this link for more informations: http://new.scymca.cz/homepage/booking?locale=en


1)Is it possible to rent a Large Hall?

Of course the price is 800,- CZK for an hour less VAT

2) Is it possible to rent a Swimming Pool?

You can rent one lane only for 600,- CZK, our you can rent whole swimming pool for 1500,- CZK . Prices are less VAT and price is for an hour of rental

3) Is it possible to rent a Running Track?

Unfortunately not.

4) Is it possible to rent a locker?

Unfortunately not, we dont have a capacity for it.

Other FaQ:

1)Who do I contact in case of payment by invoice?

Please send an email to objednavky@scymca.cz.

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Opening hours

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Sauna - closed due to reconstruction

Monday 16:30 - 21:45
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